First of all, I wanted to clarify that I had a head-start with my DHTML effects. I used an animated gif in my Entertainment story, so I added a roll-over effect on the index page of the site. I also chose to keep the CSS template we started with for Part One. I actually found the template to be aesthetically pleasing. My obvious experiments were in the forum section with the different one-column layout and by adding outside links to my left-hand column on the two-column layout. I intended to give my audience an idea of my background through my work and through outside works that convey more than my words could. I also chose a new design for my layout to fit my wide image. The cookie turned out to be part of my wide image, and chocolate chip cookies are my favorite. So, I changed my design from the Halloween design to a chocolate chip cookie design. On the index page, I added a section for my emblem portion of the mystory and a link to the Part Two forum to make navigation easier.