Since the project was divided into five separate requirements, I will discuss my thoughts on each part separately. First, we needed to choose a childhood memory for our family story section based upon the idea that this memory would help us determine our image of wide scope. At first, I was not entirely sure about how a vivid memory from when I was two years old could define my life and career, but then I figured out the metaphors of the cookie. I was absolutely amazed by this realization. Second, we had to pick a scene from an entertainment medium that was memorable. I again wondered about how this could relate to my image of wide scope, but I was shocked to see that I had stumbled onto a project requiring self-discovery. For the felt atmosphere, I realized how fortuitous this opportunity was to me and contemplated the meaning of the cookie. As for the forum, I think the idea of explaining the process was a great idea. Sometimes, artwork can see so abstract; in fact, I return to abstract works from my past and have difficulty deciphering what I meant. For this project, I will have my forum to remind me just how important these simple memories are. Finally, we had to use CSS templates. In the past, I had taken some coding from one of the popular journal sites in order to achieve a certain look for a news page on my personal website. I did not realize at that time that I was copying and pasting CSS coding, but I went back and saw the CSS codes in that file. I really like the layout's appearance, particularly after I input my own images and information. The layout gives a crisp look to the project. Overall, I found this project to be a very enriching and rewarding experience. I would not recommend any changes to the format of this assignment.