Before reading Kowit, I was required to begin reading the book On Writing Well by William K. Zinsser for the Advanced Expository Writing course this semester. After the first few sentences, Zinsser exuded an air of arrogance and strictness that I instantly despised. Who was this person to claim such audacious ideas? Then I began to read Kowit. In the Palm of Your Hand provided tips and guidelines for writing well without telling the reading that he or she needed to relearn to write entirely. Kowit shows examples of good and bad writing and offers helpful advice to motivate the reader. I used some of these exercises in the earlier chapters to put my childhood memories, entertainment scene, and felt atmosphere into words. I also used other exercises in his book to revise my prose. Kowit did not undermine my self-esteem as Zinsser did, and I found this quite helpful. I feel very grateful to have read Kowit, who restored my sense of authorship and skills. Kowit never claims to be the best and never acts superior to the reader. He only offers his knowledge in a positive and reassuring tone.